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    Try to remember how many methods of trading you have already used? 10, 30 or maybe 100 and more? It is normal that each of us looks for this idealized “Holy Grail”, but whether it really exists? After 8 years in the Forex, I can admit one thing: the Holy Grail does not exist. It is impossible to make money automatically through the EA or any other ‘magic’ systems, which takes advantage of complicated algorithms. Does it mean that we are doomed to failure? Of course not! The main problem lies in the fact that we cannot focus on one method and we are still looking for another method to facilitate the trading and make it more profitable.

    What is ThePureFX? Our system is mainly characterized by the ease of use. We will show you that the trading can be both simple and effective.

    Whether your screen looks like the below example?


    Or maybe like this?


    Forget about it!

    Most of us have the conviction that we need a system consisting of 10 indicators or a system based on waves of the moon etc. in order to earn money. This is complete nonsense, and here we have the most important fact about the Forex: trading should be simple. The endless number of indicators, which you place on your chart, only overshadow you the most important elements.
    Let’s look again at the above picture.


    CCI shows a sell signal, simultaneously the price approaches a very important moving average EMA100. Sell? Probably not, because in the past, this average bounced the price quite nicely. MACD shows the beginning of a downtrend, while the price is approaching the daily pivot. I’m selling! Or maybe I wait a minute – a daily pivot is important. Heiken Ashi candle is long and red, I sell for sure! Wait a minute, the stochastic is heavily sold out and it can be a pullback soon.
    Does this sound familiar? How many times have you fought with the market, but most of all with yourself? Indicators are sometimes useful, but their excess and an excessive trust to their indications are often fatal.
    Have you ever wondered why there are so many available various indicators? There are even situations that brokers organize trainings about these tools, because they know very well how it will end!
    Your path may change in a moment, if you allow it. Remember: Trading should be simple.

    Let’s be honest. Trading can be very simply defined:
    Price moves from point A to point B.
    Price moves either on trend or it stays in consolidation.

    Our task should be then:

    – determination of a trend,

    find areas where the market takes a breath and accumulates orders


    – further following the market.