How does the trading with this system look like?

    Trading with this method is based on three simple steps:

    • We define the trend
    • We wait for an accumulation signal
    • We follow the price


    What is the advantage given by this method in comparison to other transactional systems?

    This method eliminates the majority of unnecessary factors, which can be usually observed during the trading. We focus only on what is really important, so that the trade proceeds easily, pleasantly and it is profitable.


    Who is your offer directed to?

    Our offer is designed for traders who still look for their way around the currency market. If you have been using many different systems and forex training in the past and yet you still have trouble gaining regular profit you have found the right place, our system will provide you with an efficient market analysis.


    Does a rookie trader have an ability to get the knowledge you offer?

    Definitely. We only want you to have basic skills needed to operate trading platform. We found that people who are just beginning trading are able to adopt more knowledge because they are not influenced by all the informations and habits which you can find on the Internet.


    How much money I can get monthly and what return of investment is offered by your system?

    There in no good answer for this question because it depends on many factors. First of all we teach you how to manage risk, analyse the market in search of the highest profiting trades and how to set your mind properly. If one dedicates his time, his attention and also engages in this aspects of trading, then he will have a great chance of regular profit in the future.


    Does the trading with this system is strongly time absorbing?

    The system was simplified to a minimum in terms of the analysis. Additionally, we introduced to this system alerts, so that you will be informed about the impending signal.


    For how long after purchase can I use your customer support service?

    We offer time unlimited support. You have a possibility to contact our support service at your convenience.


    What do I get after purchase?

    You will receive system files (everything shown in the pictures – including accumulation zone and trend indicator), PDF manual and lifetime support.


    Are there any monthly fees for “ThePureFX”?

    No, there are absolutely no monthly fees, this is strictly a one-time purchase.